Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Seasoned Cigar


The Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Cigars will begin shipping on Monday, June 16, 2014. Order yours today to get this one-of-a-kind cigar!


About the Samuel Adams® Brewlywed Ale Cigar

Whether at a bachelor party, toasting a newlywed couple, or just sitting in the backyard contemplating the upcoming nuptials, every groom or groomsman should have a good cigar in hand. Enter the perfect stogie for the occasion: the Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Cigar. Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale is brewed to celebrate the longstanding tradition of brewing for weddings, and is released for one day only each year at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. Just as cigars and weddings go hand-in-hand, so do weddings and beer. Bet you didn’t know that the medieval word “ale” is actually rooted in the word “bridal,” which refers to a festive occasion where much ale is drunk in celebration. With craft beer quickly becoming the beverage of choice at weddings across the country, the Samuel Adams Brewlywed Cigar is an ideal counterpart to this unique brew.

Brewlywed Ale’s distinct and complex character is a great match for the cigars. The brew’s Australian hops lend subtle spice notes and a floral sweetness to the cigars, with hints of clove and honeysuckle imparted by the beer’s Belgian yeast.

The Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale Cigar is available throughout the summer (while supplies last), and makes a perfect gift for groomsmen, newlyweds, or any beer lover. For more information on Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, visit