HOPZ Craft Beer Cigars


About the HOPZ® Craft Beer Cigars


One evening, after a particularly lengthy “meeting” at the local pub, it occurred to Ted that he should set out to create the perfect smoker’s complement to his favorite IPA.

He experimented with dozens of craft beers, and equally as many hop varieties, until settling upon Centennial Hops, known for their robust floral aroma, to season this premium Dominican Republic Cigar. The result is the HOPZ® Craft Beer Cigar.

We use the same aromatic process that we use to season our Maker’s Mark Bourbon Cigar to give this 6×50 toro its remarkable ale-like qualities, and then seal it in a glass tube for freshness. When paired with an extra-hoppy IPA this cigar makes the already pleasurable experience of a well poured pint worth sitting down for. Ted invites you to do the same.