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See Ted and his daughters, Sarah and Lesley, and right-hand-man Dennis on their incredible Montana adventure, searching for the perfect Montana home in the beautiful Whitefish area! Much antics, including a snowmobile crash, rodeo, bar scene, horseback riding and touring one-of-a-kind properties.
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#FeaturedFarrisStory: Father Dies of ALS

October 01, 2015

Featured Story of the Week: "My father Donald passed away in September of 1981, two months before my twin daughters were born. After being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in January of 1981, my father knew he had been handed a death sentence, and it was not a question of if but when he would die. It was in his final months of his life that my dad and I grew closer than we had ever been. We spent many hours discussing his past and my future. It was then I learned that what my father feared most, not his impending death, but dying before his twin granddaughters were born. You see in the face of death, my father... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: "Remembering Dad"

October 01, 2015

"Remembering Dad.One of my fondest memories of smoking a cigar is of my late father. I remember when I was a kid he would blow smoke rings and I would put my finger or even my hand through them. Seeing that and having the cigar smoke and smell around me brings comfort to me. Even though I can't blow smoke rings I always smoke a cigar and remember those days like they were yesterday. I would give anything to have one last smoke ring from my Dad so I can put my finger or hand through it . Love and miss you Dad." - Tim from Batavia, IL Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: Tribute to a Friend

October 01, 2015

"We always hear 'enjoy it while It lasts' but you don't really expect to lose a best friend when he is only 35 years old. Heart disease got Jason, but there isn't a day that goes by that his happy, no worries attitude crosses my mind. One place where I go to relax and unwind from the work day is my smoke room in the basement. In there with a fine cigar I have had many a conversation with Jason and after getting a bit emotional always feel better because of his optimistic outlook on life. Cheers to him and fine cigars, and enjoying life in the best way you can!" - Josh from St. Louis, MO Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: "I have a great, amazing girlfriend that makes me feel the best"

October 01, 2015

"I have a great, amazing girlfriend that makes me feel the best, she always smiling and joyful and let me smoke my cigar when I feel like it.Just a cigar lover, these days I'm smoking one a day. Leftover from my own business golf tournament, my customers love to smoke during the day playing golf end at night on the club house terrace. Great way to threat customers.Cheers" - Yves from Saint-Eustache, Quebec Continue Reading →


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