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See Ted and his daughters, Sarah and Lesley, and right-hand-man Dennis on their incredible Montana adventure, searching for the perfect Montana home in the beautiful Whitefish area! Much antics, including a snowmobile crash, rodeo, bar scene, horseback riding and touring one-of-a-kind properties.
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#FarrisStory: Big Smoke With Dad

November 25, 2015

"Ted, I met you at the Big Smoke 2015 in Las Vegas. I was with my father who is also the one who inspires me almost daily even though we live far apart. I took him to Vegas as he has never been. He enjoys fine cigars and introduced me to the simple pleasure of good company and a fine smoke almost 30 years ago. He has raised six children and has buried two. You will never see a wing of a hospital named after him or some great invention with his patent, but his steady love and devotion to my mother and siblings, his deep faith, and his unrelenting volunteering in community has been an inspiration to many.I am... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: 'There will always be hate in this world, but the love you show for those hateful people will change the world'

November 25, 2015

"My grandma Pendleton smoked for most of her life. I always thought it was such a terrible thing, that was until a week before I was shipped off to boot camp. She would always be inspirational in everything she did, she was loving and caring to everyone she met, but it never really stuck with me until the night before she passed away due to brain surgery complications. The (now angel) told me 'There will always be hate in this world, but the love you show for those hateful people will change the world.' I have met many hateful people during my service in the military, but her words always ring true. It always makes me feel like I can... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: 'I dedicate every great accomplishment in my life to that memory and him'

November 25, 2015

"My grandpa graduated from West Point Army Academy and served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Vietnam War. He was a man of many words and few words. He always knew what to say in any situation and could make a friend at a drop of a hat. A few years after my Grandma died, while my mom was in college, he remarried and took my step-grandma's daughter and two sons under his wing and loved them like they were his own. Family was everything to him. When I was young he started a tradition that my family still does every Christmas eve. He called it the remembrance, and after dinner we go around the table and everyone says something... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: 'He was there for me when my parents weren't'

November 25, 2015

"Hi! My name is Assad Saif and I've been privileged to know and interact with many different people in my life. As a young boy I worked with my father in his convenience store learning how to stock the refrigerators with soft drinks, milk and food. As I got older I began to work the cash register and learned first hand how to handle conflict, celebrate with people by remembering their birthdays and mourn with people as they suffered loss. My parents divorced when I was eight years old so I spent time bouncing between the homes of my mom and dad. There are many things in my life I'm sad to say were difficult. Not having a stable family... Continue Reading →


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