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"My Father inspired me when I was just 5 yr old. He had a business and he would show the boys that I could chew tobacco because he chewed himself. That was my first experience with tobacco. So, from there on when one of his friends would walk into Dad's business I would tug on his pant leg and say 'chew.' That's my story and I'm sticking to it."- Walter

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"My two main mentors in college helped to steer me to a career in research science, and it lead me to having a great job and a happy family." - Zachary

Share your inspirational story

"The person that has been the most inspiration to me is someone that I have only had the please of meeting briefly. That person is Mr. Robert Zemeckis, you see Back to the Future Trilogy are my favorite movies of all time. They have inspired me from a very young age to make films from a young age to moving to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue a career in the movie business. One day i got tickets to a talk that where Robert would be speaking. After he spoke I was able to tell him that he has inspired me to become a film maker he shook my hand and said "thank you that mean a lot." it was a great moment that I will never for get." - LA Film Maker

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Ted and Dennis fishing in Mexico

Three amigos on a recent fishing trip to Akumal, Mexico.

Ted’s Sponsoring Whiskey Tasting at Shelly’s Back Room

Ted’s Sponsoring Whiskey Tasting at Shelly’s Back Room

The Whiskey Society announces their first whiskey tasting hosted by Shelly’s Back Room in Washington, D.C.. Ted’s Cigars is proud to sponsor the event by providing a complimentary cigar for attendees of the event.

Six different whiskeys will be served including Jameson Gold, Redbreast 15 Year, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Russell’s Reserve Bourbon, Glenlivet 15 Year and Glenlivet Nadura.

Click on the image below for more information or register to attend.

HOPZ Craft Beer Cigars featured in Philly Beer Scene Magazine

Excerpted from Philly Beer Scene Magazine:

A Little Sip, A Little Smoke

by Alicia Eichelman

While food may be one of the best complements to craft beer, there is nothing like indulging in your favorite libation while smoking a finely made cigar. There are certain beer characteristics that pair perfectly with the smokey, rich taste of a cigar that allows the combination to play off one another, resulting in an exciting overload of the senses. Ted’s Cigars, one of the world’s leading cigar makers, recognized the beauty of this pairing and took it one step further, creating HOPZ™, the world’s first craft beer cigar. Ted’s Cigars is known for their handmade cigars that often incorporate libations. From their Maker’s Mark® Cigars to the premium Grand Marnier® torpedo cigars, these high quality offerings all possess a luxurious taste that pairs perfectly with their counterparts. And HOPZ™ is no different, providing a natural companion to freshly poured IPAs.

HOPZ™ was conceptualized over, you guessed it, a couple of pints. After a night at a local pub, Founder Ted Jackson decided it was time to create a cigar that would complement his favorite IPA. Using Ted’s secret aromatic process and experimenting for more than six months with dozens of craft beers and various hop varieties, Jackson decided on Centennial Hops, noting that their floral aroma would season the cigar sublimely. Jackson has said of his IPA sidekick, “We have captured the unique flavor of Centennial hops and combined it with a premium hand rolled Dominican Republic cigar to give the craft beer consumer the perfect cigar to smoke with their favorite brew. The result is a cigar that is a worthy complement to the great craft beers available today.”

Whether you are looking for an introduction into cigars, love craft beer or are seeking the next great marriage in beer pairing, HOPZ™ provides the right blend of subtle floral undertones and savory nuances that only an innovation of this sort can. So sit back, pour a pint of your favorite IPA, light up a premium HOPZ™ cigar and prepare yourself for a pairing like no other.

You can also read the article online at

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