Original Bourbon Seasoned Cigar by Ted's

The Original Bourbon Cigar by Ted's
Celebrating 20 Years of The Bourbon Seasoned Cigar, Handmade in the Dominican Republic. No humidification required. Available individually and in boxes of 3, 10, & 25 cigars.

Ring Gauges: 6 x 50 Toro, 5 x 38 Petit Corona, 5 x 62 Torpedo, 4 x 28 Cigarillo, and 10th Anniversary 6 x 50 Toro

About the Original Bourbon Cigar
For over two decades The Original Bourbon Cigar by Ted's has been the favorite of all seasoned cigars. Through our proprietary process, the cigar is aromatically seasoned with maker’s mark bourbon, making it truly unique. The result is a premium cigar with all of the character of a premium bourbon... the perfect combination for a relaxing smoke. Each cigar is hand-dipped in wax and sealed in a glass tube. No humidification required.