"Whenever things are going great in life, the bad news is... there's tomorrow.
Whenever things are going bad in life, the good news is... there's tomorrow."
"Enjoy your successes, but stay humble."

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The Trump Presidential Cigar is a Hit!

The Trump Presidential Cigar is a great hit at the annual cigar show in Las Vegas. Even Mayor Giuliani stopped by to sample the cigar, speak with Ted, and take a box back to Washington D.C. for friends.
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November 11, 2016

PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP CIGARS NOW AVAILABLE ON TRUMPSTORE2016.COM Cigar blend rated “Excellent” by Cigar Aficionado  (Louisville, KY) – Need to exhale after this election cycle? Light up a cigar and relax with a new President Trump Commemorative Cigar now for sale on Trumpstore2016.com,. Spalding Group, a political merchandise company has partnered with premium cigar maker Ted’s Cigars to launch the Trump cigar on their online store featuring other Trump victory merchandise.  Cigars have been a part of American politics since George Washington, and Ted’s Cigars joined that tradition in 2004. The company’s George W. Bush Inaugural Cigar (2005) and Barack Obama Inaugural Cigar (2009) proved to be highly popular and collectible items.  The Ted’s Connecticut Shade blend used in these premium... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: Guy's Weekend

March 07, 2016

"My friend Dan and I every spring meet up and have a guys weekend. He has an incredible collection of cigars in his possession, we always sit out in his back yard on a very starry night and enjoy a cigar and whiskey. To me this brings a great sense of self and friendship because without him as one of my best friends I do not know how my life would be." Continue Reading →


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