"Whenever things are going great in life, the bad news is... there's tomorrow.
Whenever things are going bad in life, the good news is... there's tomorrow."
"Enjoy your successes, but stay humble."

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See Ted and his daughters, Sarah and Lesley, and right-hand-man Dennis on their incredible Montana adventure, searching for the perfect Montana home in the beautiful Whitefish area! Much antics, including a snowmobile crash, rodeo, bar scene, horseback riding and touring one-of-a-kind properties.
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#FarrisStory: Hunting With His Daughter

January 27, 2016

"My Story begins when I married my wife. My wife and I could not have kids together due to her having an early hysterectomy in life. She had already had kids from a previous marriage. Well my youngest son had a child, but could not take care of her as she needed. So we were asked to adopt her from him which we did. Our little baby daughter is such a blessing to us. She is such an inspiration to me, as she gives me meaning. She gave me a title that I thought I would never have in my life time, and that title is Dad. She is such an inspiration to me because I always want to do... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: 'It's the simple things that make life easier, why bother making it more complicated?'

December 31, 2015

"My grandfather was the man who inspired me to be a happy person. What I mean by that is the fact that he wanted me to pursue a lifestyle that I don't need to 'get away' from, and always be happy and content with what I have at any moment in my life. He's always taught me to humble myself and understand that wants aren't needs. Life isn't about acquiring, but to give, to share, and to enjoy. May it be a cigar or a cup of coffee, there is enjoyment in anything, if you allow yourself to see past it. I remember a time where he would take his time to roll his own cigarettes, from natural tobacco and... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: Uncle Bob Leads By Example

December 31, 2015

"My Uncle Bob taught me that hard work was always the best way to tackle life. It wasn't about the fame, but about getting things done. He rested very little right up to when he passed away years ago. He was a true father-figure since I did not have one. A great role model and more importantly, a great 'real' person.I contribute my success to my Uncle Bob showing me what hard work really was without every saying a word - just by examples. In my words, 'remain teachable' and you will always move ahead and be successful. After all, success is a result from your own journey." - Steve from St. Peters, MO Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: Grandfather Who Always Made Time

December 31, 2015

"My story is of my grandfather Orville Sherman smith, not only is this my grandfather, this is a courageous WWII veteran. If he isn't the most important man in my life he definitely ranks in the top 3, my father was absent a lot of my childhood and my parents divorced when I was 1 year old. But this incredible man volunteered for WWII walked and hitchhiked 50 miles from Elwood Indiana to the MEPS in Indianapolis to volunteer for WWII. While he was there he was in the battle of the bulge was awarded 2 bronze stars. His wife divorced him while in war. When he returned to the United States, he met and married my grandmother who already... Continue Reading →


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