"Whenever things are going great in life, the bad news is... there's tomorrow.
Whenever things are going bad in life, the good news is... there's tomorrow."
"Enjoy your successes, but stay humble."

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See Ted and his daughters, Sarah and Lesley, and right-hand-man Dennis on their incredible Montana adventure, searching for the perfect Montana home in the beautiful Whitefish area! Much antics, including a snowmobile crash, rodeo, bar scene, horseback riding and touring one-of-a-kind properties.
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#FarrisStory: Guy's Weekend

March 07, 2016

"My friend Dan and I every spring meet up and have a guys weekend. He has an incredible collection of cigars in his possession, we always sit out in his back yard on a very starry night and enjoy a cigar and whiskey. To me this brings a great sense of self and friendship because without him as one of my best friends I do not know how my life would be." Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: 'Mother's Love'

March 02, 2016

"My story will likely be echoed by many who choose to reply and share their own rendition, but this is my story. It's true what they say about a 'Mothers Love'. I was fortunate growing up in that I had both parents in my household, I know many people who sadly never experienced that or if they did, it may have been for only a handful of years due to one circumstance or another. My father was a damned good man, God rest his soul, but my mother and I have always had a special bond and still do to this day. For as long as I can remember she's be my biggest fan, most staunch supporter, best friend and... Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: A Thank You

March 02, 2016

"I'm not writing Teds cigars for a free cigar.. This time. I shared my story about a week and shared that my inspiration was my father. Earlier today I received my free cigar and am smoking it now, I was surprised at how good quality this stick is, but that's not why I'm sharing this thank you letter. In my box I found a note that said share this cigar with your dad. That personal touch is why I'll pick up a Teds cigar the next time I'm at my local cigar shop. Thank you, Adam Neal" - Fayetteville, GA Continue Reading →

#FarrisStory: Finding God While In Prison

March 02, 2016

"My story is about my brother who has overcome so much in his life and made our family proud. It started with my brother and me growing up in circumstances far from ideal and heading down the wrong path. The path of drugs and crime although just on the edge. No one in our family taught us any better and at the time we didn't want to learn. One night not long after my brothers eighteenth birthday he got in to a bar fight with two men and ended up stabbing them both many times. We thought his life was over when we heard the twenty five year sentence the judge handed down. We were wrong though, it had just... Continue Reading →


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