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Turn off your phone and go off grid with the Forty Creek Cigar. Forget axes, our cigars are a secret tool in every outdoorsman’s pocket, along with a flask of Forty Creek® Canadian Whisky.

• Aromatically seasoned with Forty Creek® Barrel Select Canadian Whisky
• Size: 6 x 50
• Wrapper: Cameroon
• Binder: U.S. Connecticut
• Filler: Dominican Republic
• Handmade in the Dominican Republic
• Each cigar is hand-sealed in a glass tube. No humidification required - the perfect "go anywhere cigar"

"If you can’t find a way, make a way." - Paul Bunyan

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4 products

4 products


  • Handmade

    Handmade in the dominican republic

    100% made by hand in the Dominican Republic using only the finest tobaccos

  • Handmade

    Sealed in Glass tubes, No humidor required

    Ted’s cigars sealed in glass tubes are the perfect “go anywhere cigar”

  • Handmade

    Celebrating Over 25 Years

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