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Watch The FARRIS Story (2 Minutes), share a story of someone who was an inspiration in your life and get a free FARRIS cigar.

Just fill out the form below and we'll take care of the rest. Many people have already shared their stories... read these stories and get inspired in the STORIES section of our site. Note: This offer is limited to shipping in the U.S. due to international duties and taxes. Contact for more information.

The Farris Featured Story

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The Farris Project in Louisville

On Saturday Nov 7th, five FARRIS storytellers came to Louisville to visit and discuss their inspirational stories with Ted. We're calling it Phase 2... hear all about it (below).

Click here to watch the new "PHASE 2" video series.

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Mark from Pasadena, MD, Mike from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Paul from Three River, MI, Nathan from Fabius, NY, Randy from Lee’s Summit, MO are the 1st Farris storytellers to travel to Louisville to discuss their stories with Ted. You won't want to miss this... stay tuned for details.

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What started it all... The Original Farris Intro Video:


We'd love to share your stories with our friends via social media. If you need to change the names to protect the innocent, we understand. It's the importance of that person in your life that we want to hear about. "Happiness is a choice." Tell us about the special person that made a difference in your life, and enjoy a Farris on us. Complete the form below and receive your free cigar.

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