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Ted's Cigars

RHUM | 5x38 | Single

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Aromatically seasoned with Aged Dark Rum.

Rum sipped on the rocks or slurped from a coconut - however you roll, The Rhum Cigar is the ultimate addition to your tropical escapades. Dive into the carefree spirit of island life, where the only thing smoother than your drink is a draw from ted’s Rhum Cigar.

The Blend:
• Wrapper: Habano
• Binder: US Connecticut
• Filler: Dominican Republic

Handmade in the Dominican Republic. Each cigar is hand-sealed in a glass tube. No humidification required - the perfect "go anywhere" cigar.

Personalization Available

Say it LOUD!

Looking for a unique and stylish way to project your brand or celebrate a special occasion? Look no further than ted’s personalized cigar tubes. Make your cigar as special as the event you’re celebrating.

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    RHUM | 5x38 | Single
    RHUM | 5x38 | Single
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    Why Ted's

    • Handmade

      Handmade in the dominican republic

      100% made by hand in the Dominican Republic using only the finest tobaccos

    • Handmade

      Sealed in glass tubes, no humidor required

      Ted’s cigars sealed in glass tubes are the perfect “go anywhere cigar”

    • Handmade

      Celebrating over 25 years

      Thank you for your trust! We’re here to help: or 866-804-7983