Ted’s Select Bundle

Get the best of the ted’s select line of products with The Ted’s Select Bundle. Try all three ted’s select cigars and decide which is your favorite! The Connecticut Shade is rated “excellent” by Cigar Aficionado, but ted’s personal favorite is the Farris.

1. Ted's Connecticut Shade 6x50 3 Pack ($23 Value) info
2. Ted's Maduro 6x50 3 Pack ($23 Value) info
3. Ted's Farris 6x50 3 Pack ($23 Value) info
4. Ted’s Cigars Ashtray ($29 Value) info
5. Vertigo Triple Torch Flame ($14 Value) info
6. Xi2 Composite Cigar Cutter ($49 Value) info
7. Ted’s Cigars Rocks Glasses - Set of 2 ($25 Value) info

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