The Bourbon Connoisseur Bundle

Everything a ted’s bourbon connoisseur would want! The Bourbon Connoisseur Bundle features the complete ted’s bourbon experience. Enjoy your bourbon cigar in the evening with a glass of your choice bourbon, or in the morning with our small-batch bourbon roasted coffee.

1. Bourbon Cigar 6x50 Box of 10 ($88 Value) info
2. 2 Bags Bourbon Coffee Ground ($29.90 Value) info
3. Bourbon Cigar Ashtray ($29 Value) info
4. Bourbon Rocks Glasses - Set of 2 ($25 Value) info
5. Bourbon Coffee Mug ($15 Value) info
6. Vertigo Triple Torch Flame ($14 Value) info
7. Xi2 Composite Cigar Cutter ($49 Value) info

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