#FarrisStory: Finding God While In Prison

"My story is about my brother who has overcome so much in his life and made our family proud. It started with my brother and me growing up in circumstances far from ideal and heading down the wrong path. The path of drugs and crime although just on the edge. No one in our family taught us any better and at the time we didn't want to learn. One night not long after my brothers eighteenth birthday he got in to a bar fight with two men and ended up stabbing them both many times. We thought his life was over when we heard the twenty five year sentence the judge handed down. We were wrong though, it had just begun. Not knowing that as he sat in the jail he was giving his life over to Jesus and not for bad reasons as you may expect. No he lived in the lord for ten years inside max prison and obtained early release for being a model prisoner even having two books published. Then getting out and riding his bicycle twelve miles each way to and from work. Then marrying his baby's mother, getting a college degree, and a great career all while never missing church on Sunday. God put the strength in him to be a better man and he was strong enough to follow his guidance and for that he will always be my hero. Today it has been almost twenty five years since that horrible event but I don't think I or my brother would trade it for the world. Thank you for letting me share." - Jesse from Rock Island, IL