"We will not be bullied" - Ted

- The Louisville Courier Journal interview with Ted Jackson- Watch Video Now

Wave 3 News interview with Ted Jackson- Watch Video Now

- Louisville's Courier Journal reports, "Maker's Mark and a Louisville-based cigar company are suing each other in federal court over the bourbon business' iconic red wax design. 

Maker's alleges Ted's Cigars, owned by Theodore 'Ted' Jackson Jr., is profiting off the brand’s reputation by continuing to use its trademarks in selling and promoting its bourbon-seasoned cigars. 

But in a countersuit filed hours after the initial suit Tuesday, Jackson asserted the distillery is trying to enforce a trademark it knows is 'unenforceable' and that it has taken all reasonable steps to differentiate the two brands since an agreement between them ended in 2016.

'For us, it was just utter shock to receive this complaint yesterday,' Jackson said in an interview." 

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