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3 Tips For Making Boutique Brands Work For You

Jeffrey Amendola, co-owner of Amendola Family Cigar Company, notes that a lot of smaller brands get overlooked in a humidor because customers will often go after what they’re already familiar with. Here are some tips for making smaller brands more appealing to your potential customers:

  1. Make them stand out. Showcase boutique or newer brands in a place within your store that they are visible, easy to find and will stand out to the customer.
  2. Make the introduction. Tell the brand’s story to your customer. This can be done in person or digitally through an email, written post or video. You should be regularly introducing your customers to new brands and products. If they like it, they’ll urge other customers to try it.
  3. Make it a partnership. View your relationship with smaller brands as a partnership rather than a transaction. Instead of focusing on price point, work with the boutique brand to understand your store’s patrons. This will be vital to both you and the manufacturer and will help improve sales overall.

Need to add more boutique brands to your store? Here are a few boutique premium cigar products available from Phillips & King that your customers will love:

The Bourbon Cigar by Ted’s Cigars
Cigars and bourbon are the perfect pairing but what’s even better is a cigar that combines the two in a blend and presentation that’ll get your customers talking. Ted’s Bourbon Cigar is crafted using a proprietary process that involves the cigar being aromatically seasoned with premium bourbon whisky. The result? A premium cigar with the characteristics of a premium bourbon. To make this cigar stand out even more, each cigar is packaged in a glass tube that’s hand-dipped in waxed and sealed in, making humidification unnecessary.

"We will not be bullied" - Ted

- The Louisville Courier Journal interview with Ted Jackson- Watch Video Now

Wave 3 News interview with Ted Jackson- Watch Video Now

- Louisville's Courier Journal reports, "Maker's Mark and a Louisville-based cigar company are suing each other in federal court over the bourbon business' iconic red wax design. 

Maker's alleges Ted's Cigars, owned by Theodore 'Ted' Jackson Jr., is profiting off the brand’s reputation by continuing to use its trademarks in selling and promoting its bourbon-seasoned cigars. 

But in a countersuit filed hours after the initial suit Tuesday, Jackson asserted the distillery is trying to enforce a trademark it knows is 'unenforceable' and that it has taken all reasonable steps to differentiate the two brands since an agreement between them ended in 2016.

'For us, it was just utter shock to receive this complaint yesterday,' Jackson said in an interview." 

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Pumpkin Carving Contest Is On!

halloween contest

Share a picture of your jack-o-lantern on social media with #tedscigars between now and Halloween and you'll be entered to win a $175 Gift Card (equal to a box of 25 ted's select cigars). 

#FarrisStory: "controversial"

My brother was a year ahead of me in school and graduated high school in 2006. The graduation ceremony is where I was introduced to Dr. Robert Neralich.
My senior year I was having trouble with an elective math class I was taking where the teacher was very lack luster in their attempt to teach or even reach out to help students. I decided to give up in that class and, instead of waste my or their time, just skip it. I would invariably be lead to another class taught by Dr. Neralich where he accepted me in my plight. The first day I walked into his class, unannounced while skipping that math class, I told him I was skipping an elective math course to which he responded "My class has it's foundation in math!" where he pointed to a stack of math books holding up his desk. From that day forward I was finally enjoying a class, even if I didn't technically belong. He would read Walden by Henry David Thoreau, classic Chinese poems, show us Art from all over the world and play music from the far reaches of Africa. His class was "Asian Studies,' but he would rarely talk about Asia or have anything for us to study. He broke every rule the school had and made the class both entertaining and instructive about all the cultures he could. It was from this man that I learned that being "controversial" was not a bad thing. That being "controversial" meant nothing more than to challenge the status quo be different. He made sure that he taught us, if nothing else, that being different or "controversial" was not necessarily a bad thing. Every time I smoke a cigar; I'm leaning back with a glass and enjoying not being told what to do. Enjoy being "controversial."

- Daniel from Fayetteville, AR

#FarrisStory: Work Ethic and Faith

I’ve had several different people impact my life in a positive way. My mother, brother, sisters grandparents.

With that said, the way my family members have influenced my life are what I believe a direct relation to my grandparents.

My grandfather, Roy, was an amazingly strong man. In his family values as well as his faith.
I was raised on a small family farm and grandpa had a saying, “If you don’t work. You don’t eat.” He wasn’t playing either. My grandpa was a man of strong Faith as well. I watched him read the Bible and pray daily. He started his mornings with coffee and the good book. Then it was off to the fields and barn.

My grandmother, Ethel was the same. She was the strongest willed woman I’ve ever seen. She had a work ethic and Faith to match.
My grandparents were married for 63 years and the only time they were apart was if one was in the hospital. Otherwise they were with each other.

My grandparent’s examples had an overwhelming impact on my work ethic and my Faith. As well as my core family values. I learned hard work pays off and worshiping God was very important in daily life. I also learned from them at a young age God meets us where we are.

Those are the people that influenced my life.....Roy & Ethel.

- Matthew from Panama City, FL

The Samuel Adams Holiday 3 Pack

Samuel Adams and Ted’s Cigars have teamed up once again, this time to offer a new beer-infused cigar 3-pack just in time for the holidays. The cigars, handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and available in three distinct flavors, are aromatically seasoned with Samuel Adams Winter Lager, White Christmas and Chocolate Bock respectively, to be savored on their own or paired each limited release seasonal beer.

About the Cigars

Samuel Adams Winter Lager-Seasoned Cigar
This cigar’s creamy smoke from the Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper complement Winter Lager’s seasonal spices of orange, cinnamon and ginger and malt-forward taste.

Samuel Adams White Christmas-Seasoned Cigar
Made with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, longleaf Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, this mild to medium bodied cigar blends seamlessly with the wheat, nutmeg spice and cinnamon notes imparted by Samuel Adams White Christmas.

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock-Seasoned Cigar
This tobacco blend provides a mild to medium body with smooth, creamy and slightly nutty taste that pairs well with the flavors of Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, which includes hints of dark chocolate with a touch of fruit, nuts and roasted coffee.
The Samuel Adams Holiday 3-Pack is available for a limited time, exclusively at tedscigars.com for $34.95. To learn more about Samuel Adams winter brews and find where they’re sold near you, visit SamuelAdams.com.

See the post on Samuel Adams' website 



Cigar blend rated “Excellent” by Cigar Aficionado 

(Louisville, KY) – Need to exhale after this election cycle? Light up a cigar and relax with a new President Trump Commemorative Cigar now for sale on Trumpstore2016.com,. Spalding Group, a political merchandise company has partnered with premium cigar maker Ted’s Cigars to launch the Trump cigar on their online store featuring other Trump victory merchandise. 

Cigars have been a part of American politics since George Washington, and Ted’s Cigars joined that tradition in 2004. The company’s George W. Bush Inaugural Cigar (2005) and Barack Obama Inaugural Cigar (2009) proved to be highly popular and collectible items. 

The Ted’s Connecticut Shade blend used in these premium cigars is rated “excellent” by Cigar Aficionado. Each cigar is hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are available as singles ($9), 3-packs ($26) or as boxes of 10 ($82), & 25 ($188). 

“This election cycle has been unbelievable and tensions remain high on both sides,” said Ted Jackson, founder of Spalding Group. “It’s time for everyone to take a deep breath, calm down, and enjoy a cigar to celebrate the new 45th President-elect, Donald J. Trump.” 

Spalding Group, founded in 1983, was an official licensee to Bush Cheney 2000, Inc. and Bush Cheney '04, Inc. The company created and managed the successful George W. Bush Online Store, georgewbushstore.com. Today, Spalding Group boasts over 500,000 people in its customer database. 

Spalding Group was founded by Ted Jackson. Ted has managed five Kentucky gubernatorial primary and general election campaigns from 1987-2007. He served as chairman and co-campaign manager for six consecutive winning congressional campaigns in one of the toughest districts in the South, KY-3. He has been quoted in publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Review, Washington Times, Politico, National Journal and the Louisville Courier-Journal on a variety of political matters.

#FarrisStory: Guy's Weekend

"My friend Dan and I every spring meet up and have a guys weekend. He has an incredible collection of cigars in his possession, we always sit out in his back yard on a very starry night and enjoy a cigar and whiskey. To me this brings a great sense of self and friendship because without him as one of my best friends I do not know how my life would be."

#FarrisStory: 'Mother's Love'

"My story will likely be echoed by many who choose to reply and share their own rendition, but this is my story. It's true what they say about a 'Mothers Love'. I was fortunate growing up in that I had both parents in my household, I know many people who sadly never experienced that or if they did, it may have been for only a handful of years due to one circumstance or another. My father was a damned good man, God rest his soul, but my mother and I have always had a special bond and still do to this day. For as long as I can remember she's be my biggest fan, most staunch supporter, best friend and confidant. Her strength has carried me through my darkest days, her guidance has shown me the proper path to take and her kind nature has given me the blueprint on how I should strive to live my life. I'm grown and have a family of my own and thankfully my two sons are practically as close with their Nana as I am. I take great pride in knowing that I have her approval and have put her life-lessons into practice. I strive to be a good father and husband and to treat others with kindness and respect because of how I was raised. Your saying "Happiness is a choice" truly resonates with me, because throughout my life I've been taught to always put my best foot forward and all things will fall into place. One cannot live by that creed if you're not willing to allow happiness into your life. In life, there are so many negative things and negative people trying to impact us. If you're truly happy in knowing who you are and what defines your character, negative influences will never take hold and control you. Instead, you're able to overcome and avoid those pitfalls because of your own internal fortitude, confidence and self-worth. My mother has always inspired me to be the best person I can be, and even though I'm grown, have degrees, etc. and have practically traveled the world seeing things she can only imagine, I continue to learn from and rely on her for strength and guidance. I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you for allowing me to tell my story!" - Trenton from Kalamazoo, MI

#FarrisStory: A Thank You

"I'm not writing Teds cigars for a free cigar.. This time. I shared my story about a week and shared that my inspiration was my father. Earlier today I received my free cigar and am smoking it now, I was surprised at how good quality this stick is, but that's not why I'm sharing this thank you letter. In my box I found a note that said share this cigar with your dad. That personal touch is why I'll pick up a Teds cigar the next time I'm at my local cigar shop.
Thank you,
Adam Neal" - Fayetteville, GA

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