Cigar blend rated “Excellent” by Cigar Aficionado 

(Louisville, KY) – Need to exhale after this election cycle? Light up a cigar and relax with a new President Trump Commemorative Cigar now for sale on,. Spalding Group, a political merchandise company has partnered with premium cigar maker Ted’s Cigars to launch the Trump cigar on their online store featuring other Trump victory merchandise. 

Cigars have been a part of American politics since George Washington, and Ted’s Cigars joined that tradition in 2004. The company’s George W. Bush Inaugural Cigar (2005) and Barack Obama Inaugural Cigar (2009) proved to be highly popular and collectible items. 

The Ted’s Connecticut Shade blend used in these premium cigars is rated “excellent” by Cigar Aficionado. Each cigar is hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are available as singles ($9), 3-packs ($26) or as boxes of 10 ($82), & 25 ($188). 

“This election cycle has been unbelievable and tensions remain high on both sides,” said Ted Jackson, founder of Spalding Group. “It’s time for everyone to take a deep breath, calm down, and enjoy a cigar to celebrate the new 45th President-elect, Donald J. Trump.” 

Spalding Group, founded in 1983, was an official licensee to Bush Cheney 2000, Inc. and Bush Cheney '04, Inc. The company created and managed the successful George W. Bush Online Store, Today, Spalding Group boasts over 500,000 people in its customer database. 

Spalding Group was founded by Ted Jackson. Ted has managed five Kentucky gubernatorial primary and general election campaigns from 1987-2007. He served as chairman and co-campaign manager for six consecutive winning congressional campaigns in one of the toughest districts in the South, KY-3. He has been quoted in publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Review, Washington Times, Politico, National Journal and the Louisville Courier-Journal on a variety of political matters.