#FarrisStory: Work Ethic and Faith

I’ve had several different people impact my life in a positive way. My mother, brother, sisters grandparents.

With that said, the way my family members have influenced my life are what I believe a direct relation to my grandparents.

My grandfather, Roy, was an amazingly strong man. In his family values as well as his faith.
I was raised on a small family farm and grandpa had a saying, “If you don’t work. You don’t eat.” He wasn’t playing either. My grandpa was a man of strong Faith as well. I watched him read the Bible and pray daily. He started his mornings with coffee and the good book. Then it was off to the fields and barn.

My grandmother, Ethel was the same. She was the strongest willed woman I’ve ever seen. She had a work ethic and Faith to match.
My grandparents were married for 63 years and the only time they were apart was if one was in the hospital. Otherwise they were with each other.

My grandparent’s examples had an overwhelming impact on my work ethic and my Faith. As well as my core family values. I learned hard work pays off and worshiping God was very important in daily life. I also learned from them at a young age God meets us where we are.

Those are the people that influenced my life.....Roy & Ethel.

- Matthew from Panama City, FL