#FarrisStory: Honoring Lou

"The person I chose to write about is my father Lou. He was a pro baseball player, a world war two hero, and a mechanic for Ford but none of these things are why I'm writing. My father was a man who really cared for his family not so much with words but through his actions. As children we never wanted for anything. My father was always kind and generous. Always able to make you feel special as if you were the only thing he was concerned with. He taught me so many things about life. It was the hardest thing watching this strong proud man be ground down by cancer. Today though I remember him like he should be remembered, as the best dad in the world and more than anyone could have hoped for." Luanne from Rock Island, IL

#FarrisStory: Cigar Obsession

"Cigar obsession on YouTube has changed the whole way I think about and taste cigars now appreciate them way more and I'm a huge fan and connoisseur of cigars I highly recommend watching cigarobsession on youtube it'll teach you a lot." Jason from Westlake Village, CA


#FarrisStory: Finding Purpose in the Wreckage

"Well I have to say first off that it wasn't just one person that inspired my life. I was a twenty year old guy with no idea what I was gong to do with my life, until I joined my local volunteer fire department in Greenport, New York. With the brotherhood and guidance and sometimes some strict orders I became a man with a purpose! I trained and went to classes to become the best firefighter I could become. After ten years I got married to the girl of my dreams and moved to a new and bigger town closer to New York City, I immediately joined the fire department in Hauppauge, NY. Only a few years later I became a Captain for the Truck Company. What an honor to help and to serve our community. On September 11th 2001 our department was called to go to Ground Zero and help with rescue and recovery. I spent a few days and nights with the efforts at Ground Zero, which to me was the biggest Honor in my life. So I went from a young uninspired young man to a well grounded and happy man knowing that I helped many people in our communities that I have lived in, all thanks to the Fire Service!!!!! Bruce Dimon" from Titusville, FL

#FarrisStory: Hunting With His Daughter

"My Story begins when I married my wife. My wife and I could not have kids together due to her having an early hysterectomy in life. She had already had kids from a previous marriage. Well my youngest son had a child, but could not take care of her as she needed. So we were asked to adopt her from him which we did. Our little baby daughter is such a blessing to us. She is such an inspiration to me, as she gives me meaning. She gave me a title that I thought I would never have in my life time, and that title is Dad. She is such an inspiration to me because I always want to do right, so she will know to in any situation. Thanks for letting me share this story The picture is our first hunting trip together." - Mark from Newberry, SC

#FarrisStory: 'It's the simple things that make life easier, why bother making it more complicated?'

"My grandfather was the man who inspired me to be a happy person. What I mean by that is the fact that he wanted me to pursue a lifestyle that I don't need to 'get away' from, and always be happy and content with what I have at any moment in my life. He's always taught me to humble myself and understand that wants aren't needs. Life isn't about acquiring, but to give, to share, and to enjoy. May it be a cigar or a cup of coffee, there is enjoyment in anything, if you allow yourself to see past it. I remember a time where he would take his time to roll his own cigarettes, from natural tobacco and when he smokes one, he enjoys every single puff. 'It's the simple things that makes life easier, why bother making it more complicated?' "

#FarrisStory: Uncle Bob Leads By Example

"My Uncle Bob taught me that hard work was always the best way to tackle life. It wasn't about the fame, but about getting things done. He rested very little right up to when he passed away years ago. He was a true father-figure since I did not have one. A great role model and more importantly, a great 'real' person.

I contribute my success to my Uncle Bob showing me what hard work really was without every saying a word - just by examples.

In my words, 'remain teachable' and you will always move ahead and be successful. After all, success is a result from your own journey." - Steve from St. Peters, MO

#FarrisStory: Grandfather Who Always Made Time

"My story is of my grandfather Orville Sherman smith, not only is this my grandfather, this is a courageous WWII veteran. If he isn't the most important man in my life he definitely ranks in the top 3, my father was absent a lot of my childhood and my parents divorced when I was 1 year old. But this incredible man volunteered for WWII walked and hitchhiked 50 miles from Elwood Indiana to the MEPS in Indianapolis to volunteer for WWII. While he was there he was in the battle of the bulge was awarded 2 bronze stars. His wife divorced him while in war. When he returned to the United States, he met and married my grandmother who already had 7 children. He loved and supported my mother and her brothers and sisters. He taught me what it means to be a man. I was constantly in his shadow tilling gardens and chopping wood. Anytime I could spend with him just wasn't enough. My brothers and sisters would call him and my grandmother and beg that they come and pick us up and no matter how busy they were, they always made time for us. It was so painful when he left this world. This story is proof I think of him on a daily basis. I just wish I could spend one more day working with him in the garden." - Ryan from Anderson, IN 

#FarrisStory: Tribute To His Grandfather

"My grandfather recently passed and he was my inspiration and used to smoke a pipe regularly and the occasional cigar." - Kevin from San Diego, CA

#FarrisStory: A Tribute To His Friend and Business Partner

"My friend and business partner. Mike has sacrificed so much for me he is the best person in the world and is a true friend! He inspires me with his kindness and philanthropy every day" - Peter from Ottawa 

#FarrisStory: Scoutmaster Inspires

"Growing up, my Scoutmaster was a true inspiration to me. I spent more time with him than my own father. Most of the time he had a cigar in his mouth." - Tom from Olivet, MI