#FarrisStory: Finding Purpose in the Wreckage

"Well I have to say first off that it wasn't just one person that inspired my life. I was a twenty year old guy with no idea what I was gong to do with my life, until I joined my local volunteer fire department in Greenport, New York. With the brotherhood and guidance and sometimes some strict orders I became a man with a purpose! I trained and went to classes to become the best firefighter I could become. After ten years I got married to the girl of my dreams and moved to a new and bigger town closer to New York City, I immediately joined the fire department in Hauppauge, NY. Only a few years later I became a Captain for the Truck Company. What an honor to help and to serve our community. On September 11th 2001 our department was called to go to Ground Zero and help with rescue and recovery. I spent a few days and nights with the efforts at Ground Zero, which to me was the biggest Honor in my life. So I went from a young uninspired young man to a well grounded and happy man knowing that I helped many people in our communities that I have lived in, all thanks to the Fire Service!!!!! Bruce Dimon" from Titusville, FL