"Watch out for the little bones"- Mom

"My Mom was a great inspiration in my life. Of the many sayings she had, one that comes to mind right now is, 'Watch out for little bones.' You see, Mom was an Italian Mother of six, a Grandmother of ten, an honorary mom to dozens of our friends, the matriarch of the extended family, and the hostess and cook for every Holiday meal in our family for decades. Taking care of people was deeply rooted in her DNA. When she wasn't cooking for a crowd, she was making one of us a sandwich. And when she made us fish, she always cautioned us to 'watch out for little bones.' Though I haven't heard her say that in probably over twenty years, we all still remember it. In life, 'watch out for little bones' can be that heed to watch for potentially dangerous things that are not so easily seen; to approach with caution. Good words to mark down whether you like fish or not!

Oh, the inspiration? I went on to become a chef and later a food service director, having prepared or overseen the preparation of hundreds of thousands of meals for people all across North America for over 35 years."- Phil