#FarrisStory: Gonzo, the Hall of Fame wrestler

"One of the people who inspired me the most would have to be my high school wrestling coach Joe Gonzalez. He was and still is an amazing person, he was a two time Olympian and a four time world champion. He could have been the first Mexican-American to win a gold medal in the Olympics for the United States but it was the year that douche bag Jimmy Carter decided to boycott the games because they were in Russia. Coach Joe or just Joe or 'Gonzo' at the time was seated first and had blown out the competition in previous tournaments. He was denied his dream do to silly politics. He was invited to the White House for a dinner for the Olympic athletes and got a chance to meet and shake the President's hand and when it was his turn he refused to shake his hand, Now that is what I call balls. That is what a real man does. He later on the next year was invited to an invite only wrestling tournament in Russia where the gold medalist in his weight class would be competing at who also happened to be Russian. He would go on and dominate the tournament and beat the Russian gold medalist and prove to himself that he was the best. He will also later this year be inducted into the United States Wrestling Hall of Fame. This is just a small reason why I find Joe "Gonzo" Gonzalez to be a truly inspirational person."