#FarrisStory: a husband admires his wife

"My wife is a fiery read head, and the nicest person you would ever want to meet. We met at a poker game organized by a mutual friend. I lost. A lot. Every time I would go out, she would buy me back in. After the game, we started talking and hit it off. We dated for a while, traveled the United States, and eventually settled down.
She loves animals and volunteers for the ASPCA in her spare time. I have always admired her desire to protect animals. Every animal is special to her, and she wants to make sure they are safe. There has been many a time that a squirrel would run out in the road in front of our car, and she would do everything in her power to avoid hitting it, and you would think her mom had just died if for some reason that squirrel got nicked.
I look at her and see happiness. She is my choice, and happiness has ensued."- Barry