#FarrisStory: "honey I'm proud of you and you are great provider"

"Happened last year I was looking for another job one that I could keep my wife at home and she can raise our kids. I went down to the interview they loved me I remember it being the day before thanksgiving and getting a call and the guy saying I didn't get the job my wife two little girls were in the car and I just broke down and cried sobbing a grown man sobbing wondering why I couldn't get the job I worked so hard for I remember my wife pulling over grabbing my hand looking me in the face and she said 'honey I'm proud of you and you are a great provider, she said I know your worth and some one else will notice it ' I remember at that moment I felt renewed she motivated me that night I called a buddy and got a new job finished my two degrees and now my wife is at home because of her encouragement and her support I know see the worth in people who work under me."- Eddie