#FarrisStory: "He inspired me to also join the military"

"The person that made a difference in my life is my cousin Ray. At 18 years old he joined the Navy and was sent away to Iraq within weeks of finishing basic training and his schooling. He was a combat medic and saw things that no other kid that age would have to see. He was forced to age significantly in a short period of time all in the name of protecting our country. Through all of his trials and tribulations he never once changed who he was on the inside. He stayed true to himself and to his morals and always kept his job and personal life separate. He inspired me to also join the military at a young age, I was 19. He has always been a role model for me to follow after and the perfect example of the soldier I have pushed myself to become. I am proud of my life and career choice and owe it all to him."