#FarrisStory: A+ for Ted's Cigars

"I am a neophyte cigar smoker and have smoked only a handful of different cigars. At this point in time I still lean to relatively mild cigars. I recently purchased a sampler pack of Ted Cigars and, as I write this, am smoking my first Ted cigar, (Ted's Connecticut). My first impression is that I am extremely impressed! I am 1/2 through the cigar. The initial flavors and taste are very impressive, the first few draws were very pleasing. The initial ash remained for the first 1 1/2 inch of the smoke and I only flicked the ash because the cigar was starting to loose it's fire. I hate more than anything to have to relight my cigar and the fire was starting to die with that long of an ash. Once I flipped the ash the fire quickly came back and the flavor is still very mild. I smoked another 1/2 inch before noticing the fire was starting to die again. I now have about 2 inches of cigar remaining and I am noticing a the familiar harshness that I have noted with every cigar that I have noticed with any cigar I have ever smoked but the Ted is a little less harsh that previous cigars that I have smoked. With previous cigars I would have ended my smoking experience at this point but I am still going with this Ted. My first experience with a Ted is A+. I would say that Teds are now my primary go to cigar an I am going to send a gift pack to my cousin in New York that is a big time Cigar smoker. I am looking forward to smoking my remaining 4 cigars, (all different varieties) and at the very least will be ordering more Ted's Connecticut. My only complaint is that I cannot find Teds at any of my local cigar stores so I will have to rely on online orders to get more but I do plan to take a Ted cigar to my local cigar store and allow them to sample and hopefully stock Ted cigars for my future smoking pleasure. This has been a very pleasant cigar experience."