#FarrisStory: "basketball was his life, second only to his faith"

"I'll never forget a coach I had in high school that was a scholar of the game of basketball. Basketball was his life, second only to his faith. He taught all of us to give it everything we had on the court. At times when we came up short he used it as a teaching experience and gave us spiritual analogies to help us off the court. Though I don't claim to be a spiritual man the lessons I learned stay with me today. He quietly went about teaching young men not only about competing hard in the game, but in life as well. Years later when I was married I saw a newspaper article where he had been fired from his job as coach for what I gathered was for using his religious influences to coach basketball. In this politically influenced world we live in, there is no more room for religious tolerance and public education. I'm sure he was devastated by the administration taking away a huge part of his life. I know he made an impact on many lives throughout his career only to be made short by administrators."