#FarrisStory: Appreciating Parental Sacrifices

"When you're a kid you never really understand how much your parents go through to make life better for you. It's only when you go through life yourself that you fully understand that sacrifice that your parents make to make life better for you. My father came to the US from Iraq back in the mid 70s with barely any money to support himself and luckily found work at a liquor store in Detroit. After a couple years of hard work, he finally had enough money bring my mom over and start his family. Growing up in the 80s spending time with my dad was a privilege, since by this time he partnered with my uncle and bought a business and he spent a lot of hours working providing for what would be five kids. Usually every Saturday, he would take me to work to do odds and ends jobs teaching me the essence of hard work and earning your keep. When you think about it today you really don't see that anymore, kids are spoiled and take things for granted. My father and mother didn't want me to work in the Liquor Store business: it was long hours, little family time and at times unsafe. They always stressed the importance of school, going to college and making a career for myself. Being the oldest, I wanted to set an example for my siblings and took to heart what they said: Finished High School with a B+ avg. went to college and got my degree in Accounting all while working to pay my way through. Not long after graduating college I ended up with a staff accountant position for a few years, got married and later partnered up with my brother-in-law in a new business opportunity. I have three kids now and wish to instill those same values that I learned myself so they too can know what it means to have determination and perseverance in reaching their life goals." - Jason