#FarrisStory: Aunt and Uncle help struggling children overcome abuse

"Growing up I had 1 brother and 2 sisters. We were all relatively close in age but shared a horrible thing in common. We had abusive parents. Our parents didn't really show any interest in us and were always putting themselves before their kids. They would torment us mentally and physically. Around the time that i turned 4 my Aunt and Uncle were beginning to notice what was going on and they decided something needed to be done. They decided that they would bring our parents to court in an attempt to gain custody of me and my siblings. My Aunt and Uncle already had two kids of their own and were living comfortably. Bringing four young children into the mix was sure to sacrifice that. Nonetheless they both carried on with the plan and within a year and a half my siblings and I were living with my Aunt and Uncle. I will never forget the selfless act by my Aunt and Uncle that surely changed our lives for the better. They saw children in need and put aside their comforts for the greater good." - Raymond