#FarrisStory: A Father's Sacrifices Inspires

"My father is perhaps the most inspirational person in my life.The sacrifices that he has made for my family and I have been tremendous. Working out of town constantly for higher wages to save the family farm, he continually made time for me as a youngster. He taught me how to hunt, to fish, to handle money, to be responsible, to have integrity, to become someone who I can be proud of, and ultimately to be a man. Through constant stress and pressure from his own life, he always provided and he always was there in the tough and great times. Today, not many fathers can hold on through the tough times. I always thought that If I could live my life to be half the man that he was and still is, I'll be doing alright. Today, my father is the standard to which I hold myself to. His constant presence and example in my life has made me the man I am today."