#FarrisStory: A Grand Marnier Cigar

"I was introduced to cigars - mostly fine Cuban cigars - a number of years ago and smoked them with much enjoyment. Time, changes of circumstance, and a little research would lead me to Ted's Grand Marnier Cigar for two reasons. One was that I am a life long Grand Marnier drinker - and fan - and two, I was looking for a more reasonably priced good quality cigar. Well, both were supplied through Ted's Grand Marnier Cigar.
My cigar smoking is very much a relaxation thing for me. I never rush a cigar and I will purposely 'make time' to sit down and enjoy my cigar. Luckily, my favorite pass time is watching my son play baseball. He has played competitive baseball since he was 10 and baseball took him to college and university on scholarship. He has continued to play as a young man and has been to the Canadian National Championships three times. And, come home with medals all three times.
So, two of my favorite pass times combined to permit me to enjoy a good cigar two or three times a week from May till September when I settle into my chair on warm summer nights (and weekends) to watch my son play baseball. As luck would have it, one of the other fathers is an avid cigar smoker and we regularly watch baseball, compare notes, and enjoy our cigars throughout the summer.
I have introduced Ted's Grand Marnier Cigar to my buddy and I am now experimenting with Maker's Mark, Ted's Maduro, and, soon, Ted's Farris.
I've become a huge fan of Ted's Grand Marnier Cigar and it is now becoming a 'Steve trademark' right along side of my bottles of Grand Marnier." - Stephen from Mississauga, Ontario