#FarrisStory: Meeting His Future Wife

"It was the year 2005 and I had gone back to school to further my education the year before. At school I had met a very nice lady who had been doing the same thing as far as returning to school goes.
We had a couple of classes together and became break time acquaintances. One day she came to school telling of a fire at her house which resulted in the lose of the garage and use of the house due to smoke/water damage. As it turns out she had to relocate to a motel while repairs where made. However there she was at school while all this was going on... Her dedication to furthering herself while in such a situation without putting things on hold, was a real inspiration to me. Immediately I offered any help to her she may need in getting things back to normal. It was shortly after that we started dating. Five years later we married and are still very happy and inspired by each other." - Ken from Castro Valley, CA.