#FarrisStory: "It was just the right thing to do"

"My father known by most everybody as Cotton, has always been an inspiration to me I guess mostly for his friendly attitude and giving personality.
He was and still is always ready to lend a hand to help a neighbor or a total stranger. As a kid I remember him always having two jobs and a side business just to make sure
we had food and shelter.
My dad drove a propane truck out in the country in east Texas and when we were tight during the winter and with Christmas coming there were always a couple of families, mostly elderly people out in the country that he would buy their propane for them because the Social Security checks would be late or not come at all. I remember getting to ride on the truck with him many times when he would fill up some of those families tanks and just drive off and not leave and invoice. Then he'd have his boss take it out of his pay, 'It was just the right thing to do' he'd say.
He's almost 90 and still gets out and mows his grass and trims tree limbs around his house.
I only get to be home maybe once a year but when I'm there we work out in the yard and just enjoy being together.- William