#FarrisStory: Breaks Depression With New Relationship

"I recently went through a bout of depression after turning 50: whoa is me, what does my life mean, what's the use of going on? Then I met a wonderful woman whom I'll call 'Priscilla' who gave me the best kiss I've ever had. We've been dating for two months. I've learned that she had breast cancer and survived, went through chemo while still going to work every day, driving herself to the hospital and never letting anyone know about her treatment. When she thought she might die, she said to herself, 'I've raised my son to be a good man and to pursue what he wants, so I'm good with whatever God brings.' She's doing just fine, and I'm very lucky to have met her and to have her perspective that helps *me* remember how lucky *I* am and how much more I have to do and live for.' " - Les from Santa Cruz, CA