#FarrisStory: Inspired By A Begging Man

"Every Friday for a year at the same stop light before I got on the highway there was always this older man begging for money on the corner. I never had cash on me so instead every Friday I gave him one of my cigars that had on me that day with a box of matches. It got so routine that on Friday mornings I was actually looking forward to giving that man a different cigar not knowing if he was actually smoking them but he always seemed so happy to get one from me. Well again a year went by and out of no where he stopped showing up. I think it was after the third Friday that I noticed the same man in the obituary. Loving father of 3 who also left behind a wife so I contacted his family to pay my respects. Turns out he was an extremely disabled man who used everything he received in donation to benefit his household where his wife worked 2 jobs just to maintain their finances. I was invited over to his home for some coffee shortly after I contacted his wife. That morning in a home Ive never been around, people Ive never met, I was blown out of my mind for the first time in a long time. Shortly after the first cup the wife approaches me with a nesquik can, opens it showing me the contents. Inside was the every single band from every cigar I had giving the man before he passed. I took off work the following Monday. Sat at home and smoked stick upon stick of every favorite stick I enjoyed the most thinking how awesome it would have been to have smoked it with this man just one time. Only to hear from him his name, that he has kids, or hes still happily married. It has been two years since then but I still have the can of cigar bands sitting in my office." - Erick from Arnold, MO