#FeaturedFarrisStory: Father Inspires With One Selfless Decision

Featured Story of the Week: "As cliché as it may sound the person that made the largest impact on my life is my father. More in particular, one decision my father made. The year was 1999. My older brother was a rising senior in high school and I am a rising freshman. My father was LTC in the Marine Corps. Both my brother and I had aspirations of attending one of our countries fine Military Academies just like our father had. That year my father was offered the rank of COL and command of a unit in Korea. This trip however would be an unaccompanied tour (without family). To aid in my brother's and my plan to attend a service academy my father turned down the promotion and command so as to keep my brother and I stateside in a very good school system and to also not leave my mother alone with four (4) sons terrorizing her without her husband to provide help. This selfless action on my father’s behalf of turning down what he had worked towards for over 20 years has shaped how I have governed my life. He showed me how a man, husband, and father should act with that one decision. Because of this example, and countless others, my father is the person who has had, and continues to have, the largest impact on my life." - Jeffrey from Odenton, MD

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