#FarrisStory: Bumping Into "The Future Governator"

"In the mid '90's, I went to lunch with Marvin, a cigar smoking customer friend in Santa Monica CA.
He took me to a restaurant owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
At the time, I looked a little like Robert Wahl, the actor.
I heard a voice behind me yell, 'Robert!.'
I was spun around lo find myself eye to eye with the future Governator of California who promptly said, 'YOU"RE NOT ROBERT!'
I replied, 'I'll be anyone you want me to if you'll just put me down and not hurt me!'
He laughed, hugged my friend and offered me a cigar as a peace offering.
The cigar had no band but I presume it was from a small island somewhere off the coast of Florida since later that afternoon, I discovered it was one of the best I'd ever had.
Viva Marvin and Ahhhhnnnnnnaaaaalllllddddd!
('Smoke 'em if you've got 'em.')" - Nowell from San Diego, CA