#FarrisStory: "Have fun and leave a legacy was his life"

"My friend Greg Orr was a character. Maybe over shadowed by his more famous cousin Bobby Orr, Greg was proud to be Bobby's cousin and proud to tell stories of the good time in Parry Sound. I knew Greg for almost 18 years. In the spring of each year we would go pike fishing in the Parry Sound Waters. As an environmentalist, he would note the areas were the pike use to spawn. Dredging in the St. Clair River and opening of channels from the Great Lakes to the USA lowered the water and quite a few pike spawning beds were lost in those 18 years. 'Catch and release' was his motto. Have fun and leave a legacy was his life. Hard times, well he had a few. Good times, he had a few more. We loved Greg and the joy he brought to our group was honest and very real. He always tried his best, slipped a few times, but always rose again to start again. He died at the age of sixty. Heart attack. He was doing work that 30 year olds were falling behind building the bridges that brought tourists into the Perry Sound District. Just go for it, be relaxed and take what life gives you. Although he quite smoking cigarettes, he always enjoyed the great cigars we brought on our annual fishing trip to Parry Sound. Your can see from the picture, a man who lived in the moment, and wanted you to stop, think, observe and live in the moment too. A good cigars always causes a pause in our hectic life. I learned to enjoy smoking a cigar from him. Don't just suck it because everyone else is, draw on it, let it linger, and then let it float away. Let it take your worries away, because right now you are in Parry Sound -the most beautiful place on earth and you deserve the time to just sit back and look and live the life around you.

After those trips, I would go back to work, relaxed, and over time really 'learned' to enjoy a good cigar. Now where ever I go and stop and have a cigar I remember my friend Greg. I wish you could have met him too. A friend, a mentor, and a lover of life - that was Greg." - Bob from Toronto, Ontario