#FarrisStory: Father Makes It To 90

"Quite simply, my father, also named Ken Jones, was my inspiration. I say 'was', because he recently passed away at the age of 90. To him, family was the most important thing in his life.

Although his health was a constant challenge - rectal cancer survivor, heart attack survivor - he pressed forward always lighting up with a smile as soon as I'd come over to visit. Many of the final visits were in a hospital room but that smile never changed.

I can't remember the last time he called me Ken - I was always his 'Pal'. This year his health was really diminishing, but he was so determined to make 2 special events: my son's wedding on July 18th and his own 90th birthday on August 14th. He made both. We even joked at his birthday - 'My Dad - 90, the Grim Reaper - 0'.

Unfortunately death only has to win once in the game of life, but my Dad took it into extra innings and into overtime!" - Ken from St. Augustine, FL