#FarrisStory: 'She was the backbone for so long'

"The person that inspires me my grandmother. She is now the head of our family now that my grandfather is gone. She was the backbone for so long while my grandfather was alive. Having heard some personal stories of hers from my mother I really got to see how she marched on in spite of so many struggles and obstacles. I have witness my grandmother stay strong and non judgmental in the face of her family being torn apart by drugs and alcohol. Seeing her children divorce and families break up and support all parties involved takes an open heart. A forgiving heart.

Now as she sits in a nursing home I am humbled to feed her sometimes and cant help but to think that she has fed me with caring and gentle hands as I must do now. This is just one aspect of my grandmother that inspires me.

Love you Grandma!" - Solomon from Bayonne, NJ