#FarrisStory: 'She was the epitome of humility and strength'

"Hey Ted,

Great story. I was raised in the inner city of Miami Florida. My father who spent most of my childhood traveling with the military, was often not present when the temptations and troubles of the streets arose for my two brothers. But thank God for my mother who spent over 35 years as an educator in the Miami Dade County School System. While very sharp and very educated, my mother was also a very strong woman. She stressed education and being able to look people in the eye while expressing yourself. She was a stickler for treating everyone with respect and expecting the same in return. She was the epitome of humility and strength. My mom passed away three years ago but her teachings and core values in which she instilled in me and my brothers will always stand. Mom always said, 'No Matter What.... GOD is ALWAYS in control.' That statement has and continues to get my through my toughest days and nights. I am currently a police officer here in Miami and am married with three beautiful daughters (oldest is a college sophomore). Thank You Mom... You are THE BEST......
THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME TELL MY STORY. May GOD continue to Bless you, your family, and your future business endeavors.

Best wishes" - Eric from Davie, FL