#FarrisStory: 'This too will pass'

"My story is difficult to choose as my Dad was a very special man who grew up during a difficult time. He worked hard to support my brothers and sisters (6). He was a cigar smoker and when I graduated H.S. he smoked one with me.
But the person I wanted to praise is my mom, Margaret. She was a special woman, a Christian woman, her phrase she said all the time is 'This too will Pass.' You know with 6 kids, each one uniquely different, my mom was always was there when you needed someone to talk to or listen. She was especially great at listening. You could tell her any woe you may have or be going through, she would listen maybe give some advice, then the conversation would end with her saying 'this too shall pass!'. There were many times where I spoke with her about someone who wronged me or hurt me. I was angry and all I wanted was for her to agree or say something negative about that person or situation, but she never did. She would never say anything bad about anyone. If I had to compare her to anyone, I'd say she was mother Teresa's sister. She helped anyone she knew needed it, people she never even met or knew! She'd give you the shirt off her back. If your house was on fire and you ran out naked and she was only wearing a nightgown and naked herself under neath she would give you the night gown off her back.
Unfortunately we all must die someday, which was the world's loss. At the church there were people there who she had helped in one way or another. The church was filled to over capacity. The funeral director said to me. That at your funeral only 1 in 6 people whom your life effected comes to your funeral. Some are uninformed or aware, may be dead themselves, or living in another part of the area and can't get there. So if my Mom had close to 1000 people there I'd say the world lost out. My mom was full of love, life and always seeing the good in everyone, if she saw the bad which I am sure she did she never pointed it out or talked about it. Thank you." - David from Brigantine, NJ