#FarrisStory: Sunday Smoke With Dad

"I grow inspiration from my father each and every day. My dad finally got to retire 2 years ago after working weekends and overnights until the day he retired. He would miss a lot of my sporting events when I was a kid. That is the profession he chose, but he did it for his kids because he loved us. Since his retirement we made a pack that we would pick one Sunday a month whatever worked best for both us, I mean what worked for me, every Sunday was open for him we would get together and have a cigar. Even in the winter months in St. Louis it gets cold we would sit in the back of our garage with a mini heater blowing on our feet with a robusto and some good sipping bourbon or scotch. I look forward to this time every month to catch up on things we have missed. This cigar that I shall be receiving will be going to my father on our next Sunday smoke!

Thanks Ted!" - Frank from St. Louis, MO