#FarrisStory: Uncle John Teaches Meaning of Unconditional Love

"My story of inspiration is my Uncle John. He is currently 94 and still smokes his cigar for the day. When I was growing up he always smoked cigars. His love at the time was candela wrapped Te-Amo cigars, now a variety of Connecticut wrapped cigars. He had always taken an interest in my life, encouraging me through high school to achieve higher than I was doing at the time. To strive to go to college and continue my football career. He always read the news papers on Sunday to see how we did on Saturday. He kept on this all throughout my college career as well. When I graduated and became a teacher/coach, which he always supported, he kept up with every game I coached in my career, whether it was a JV game at the start of my career or varsity when we were winning championships. Uncle John always was there for me personally also. He and his wife, my Aunt Mary was there when my family began to split apart when I was in college, was there for me when I got married, treats my wife as he treats me as well as my children and my grand-children. He has taught me the meaning of unconditional love. A practice that I uphold throughout my life with many of the people in my life. I have not had the ability to sit and smoke a cigar with him recently since we have retired in Las Vegas and he remains on Long Island however, we speak once a week and that will continue for as long as God will permit it. It is a love for this man, my passion for cigars and lust for life and family that he has instilled in me and will remain for the rest of my life. One in which I have instilled in my children and now my grand-children. So when I light up a cigar I always toast him and give thanks for the love that he has given me in my life." - Frederick from Las Vegas, NV