#FarrisStory: Seeing Dad's Wisdom Years Later

"My father is my story. Born in the '20s he served in both WWII and Korea. He helped liberate American POWs from the Japanese concentration camps. He was a proud man and would not be swayed by what others may have thought of him. Like so many kids I didn't get a long with Dad growing up but following college and moving out on my own I saw the wisdom that he tried to instill in me so many years ago. He never hit me growing up but rather would say, 'Come here, I want to talk to you.' OH NO! Beat me, Dad, but don't talk to me because a beating is over in seconds but that talking-to will last me forever. He taught me integrity. That a man's handshake is his word. He taught me honesty. That once that is gone it is hard, if not impossible, to regain. He may not have been the kindest man to ever live but no one could ever say he was dishonest. He taught me the quality of working hard and giving my employer a full day's effort. He taught me to 'keep my nose clean' and to stay out of trouble. He taught me the value of treating others with dignity and respect. He taught me the importance of God and keeping Him first in my life. But most importantly he taught me to be me because of all the people that have walked this earth, no one is like myself. Dad went home to be with the Lord last year and a huge hole was drilled into my heart but as long as I keep his memory with me he will always live on.

Thank you for this opportunity." - Ron, Roanoke, VA