November 18, 2015

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ted's cigars on HGTV's "Living Big Sky"

See Ted and his daughters, Sarah and Lesley, and right-hand-man Dennis on their incredible Montana adventure, searching for the perfect Montana home in the beautiful Whitefish area! Much antics, including a snowmobile crash, rodeo, bar scene, horseback riding and touring one-of-a-kind properties.
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#FarrisStory: 'Bob, you do a lot of things in day, you are good person, but where is the joy in your life?'

"The person who has made a huge difference in my life is KA (Not real name). KA was a person I knew for a long time but confronted me with and idea I had not thought about when I was feeling weighed down by life. My life had become a series of tasks to accomplish. Everything in my life was about checking a box and moving on to the next one. I did not realize that I was missing my life as I moved from what I thought as one dreary task to next and my attitude reflected it. On day when I was complaining to KA about the mountain of work I needed to accomplish, KA looked at me very concerned and said something that made me stop in my tracks. KA said to me 'Bob, you do a lot of things in day, you are good person, but where is the joy in your life?' I had not thought about joy in months (perhaps years). In fact hardly anything in my life would bring me joy. In that moment and subsequent conversations KA made a think about everything I do and how it needs to bring joy to my life. Some things I needed to change, others I just needed to look at with a new perspective, but now I have joy in my life every day, thanks to KA who confronted me in that moment." - Robert from Warminster, PA