#FarrisStory: 'Janice's story was calling me to dedicate my life to the safety of others'

"My inspiration was a former patient of mine named Janice. Janice was the strongest, warmest person I had ever known and I always wondered where she got her perseverance from. One day she told me her story and it has changed my life ever since. Her husband had been killed in an industrial accident a couple of years previous. Since those hard times, her faith and her belief that he was always with her, no matter where she went has kept her strong and at peace and not allowed herself to be petty, small or insignificant. Janice was truly a special human being.
Through the following years of my professional life, I could always find inspiration and strength remembering Janice and her story, especially when times got really tough in my practice. One day a lightning bolt struck. I realized that I wasn't happy with my chosen path and I needed to make a change. Janice's story was calling me to dedicate my life to the safety of others, especially at work.
From that day to this, I have worked to prevent the kind of tragic incident that befell Janice and her family, constantly with her strength and kindness as the driving force behind my efforts." -  Matt from Norwalk, IA