#FarrisStory: Addict Gives Himself To The Lord And Begins Anew

"My story begins when I gave myself to the Lord.

I was on a road of destruction, I retired from the military and things wasn't going my way as I proceed them to be. I was drinking and doing drugs. I hit rock bottom and decide to move back to Georgia my home state from Texas. My journey begun when there was a bad storm here in Georgia and as I live in a room for which I could only afford. I took up reading the word (Bible) and really accept Christ as my Lord and Savior. Shortly after the storm was over so was my life the old one. I started on a new adventure in life, meet and new friend in which we shared time together when we were young. We dated back as very young kids, and we met on social media and met face-to-face, the rest is history as that is what we have made, we are now married living a wonderful life, purchase a home and loving each other as it is like heaven on earth." - Rodney from Smyrna, GA