#FarrisStory: 'REAL Cigars'

"It was while I was visiting my brother in the Air Force in Mississippi, he was a Major, worked his way up from enlisted. He was about an hour from New Orleans and we decided to take a trip to go look around as for my wife, son, and I had never been. We went walking around and looking and my brother asked if I wanted a "REAL" cigar, I was like ummm I smoke reals ones, he told me that I in fact do not because I smoked ones from a company that mass produces them. ie store brand made from pipe tobacco. My brother took me into a shop that hand rolled them right there on Bourbon street. We walk in and look around for a minute, I am looking at them thinking to myself, I cant spend that much on a single cigar, he stated that he would buy this one for me so we both got a twelve dollar cigar. When we got back to his house we sat out back of his house smoking and drinking some Jamison on ice. I have to say, the best cigar I have had. My brother turned me away from five bucks a box to ten or more for singles and to really enjoy them, not just the smoking but the time you spend while smoking one. From one vet to another I have to say he saved my life from smoking trash and I encourage others to enjoy "REAL" cigars every chance you get." - Patrick from Etowah, TN