#FarrisStory: "She was a very nice women who practiced charity and kindness towards he fellow creatures,"

"I assume that you want a person that I knew personally, otherwise my first choice would probably be Leo Tolstoy. I will tell you about a kind lady I knew in Virginia, an animal rescue league gal named Carol X. (alias). Her kindness was bottomless in that she helped many cats find homes or just kept them herself, as I recall she had quite a few cats in her house at one time, I will say that it was rather smelly at times, but all the cats were well fed and happy. And she made sure that they had good homes to go to, if they left. All her spare time and money went into maintaining her previously homeless feline friends. I really don't think it could have been all that easy living with so many cats, now that I think about it, but Carol never gave it another thought. She was a very nice woman who practiced charity and kindness towards her fellow creatures..." - Cindy from Parsons, WV